Laminate is made for all types of applications. Aside from its use as kitchen furniture, office furniture, bathroom furniture and doors it can also be used for a wide array of other applications.

Laminate is structurally stable, robust, solid, postformable and a composite material manufactured in high temperature at 150 degrees Celcius (302 degrees Fahrenheit) and with great pressure at 9 Megapascals (90 Bars) with the use of High Pressure Laminate Machines (HPL) and Continuous High Pressure Laminate Machines (CHPL) in compliance with EN 438-2 Part 3. The core part of the material is comprised of phenolic resin impregnated wood-based saturated virgin fiber kraft paper layers. Whereas, its decorative surfaces are made of thermosetting resin impregnated decorative wood-based cellulose paper layers.

Laminate sheets are available in standard quality (HGS, VGS) and flame and fire-retardant quality (HGF, VGF).