The list of strategies that we abide by for our success in business include;

  • Being most definitely customer oriented.
  • To harness our potential to greatest heights.
  • To make the most of digital modernization.
  • Being innovative and expanding the reach of our collection on a continuous basis.
  • Perfecting our operational abilities to the gretest extents at a steady pace.


Our strenghts that set us aside from the crowd include;

  • A powerful, extensive and a global network.
  • A virtuous and a wonderful team.
  • A very highly innovative product collection.
  • Working with the latest technology available and keeping our quality as excellent as it gets.


Taking the today’s World and the future in to account, we conduct our commercial activities in a fashion that is not limited to our particular market and specialization alone.


We believe in perfecting our quality in everyway and continuously. Our greatest concern is being able to provide the absolute most efficient service possible.  ın terms of acquiring the highest of our ideals and keeping a steady rate of advancement, besides systematically regulating the entire production process with the help of modern day technology, we also constantly invest in the training of our employees and persistantly recquire and acquire the highest quality of raw materials from our suppliers.


In addition to innovative and local awareness products that create a real difference for our customers, we promise to offer new products and technologies that contribute positively to life based on these products. We believe that the best way to accomplish these is through an excellent understanding of people’s needs and desires.

When we combine man and innovation, we create the next generation of technology and products that people really want and need. The products we produce are innovations that help people to live in a healthy and peaceful way and to enjoy their lives. As ASD Laminate brand, this separates us from our competitors.


Concerning cyber security, we conduct our safety measures in accordance with the global standarts and persistantly, deligently and vigilantly persue any new means and avenues of advancement.