We believe in being the change ourselves that we would like to see in the world. Over the many years, sustainability has become an important part of who we are. For our respect and love for the planet earth and its preservation, we believe in absolute minimum waste and complete, controlled and sustainable protection of our beautiful nature. ASD Laminate sheets and panels do not contain biocides, heavy metals, organic halogen, chlorine, fluorine, bromine, asbestos, wood protection agents such as fungicides, pesticides and are free of sulfur, mercury and cadmium. Neither do they release and gases, vapors, solvents or fluids.

Roughly 70% of ASD Laminate sheets and panels consist of natural wood that is a by-product of sawn lumber production of sawmills. We source raw materials from FSC certified establishments. The FSC standards ensure that the wood is produced in compliance with internationally applicable regulations for sustainable forestry.

Therefore, we believe in living in harmony with our planet, not off of it.