Human Resources

We are a big universal family. We encourage the idea of individuals reaching up to their highest potentials and we strive to grow to greater heights all together day in and day out here in ASD Laminat.


Some of our objectives on this subject include working with people who are willing to and able of self-improvement on a constant basis and, with individuals who are naturally motivated, adaptive and, innovative.



In line with our human resources strategy and targets, our main goal is to be able to hire the candidates who can carry ASD Laminate brand to the future, and meet the qualifications of the position and our needs.

Candidates  who are of proper qualifications and skills for the institutional culture, necessary motivation and drive in terms of self-improvement on a daily basis, and of very well linguistic and communication skills are preffered.

Canditates may apply via filling up the application form on our corporate page by following the “Vacant Positions” button below.

In the aftermath of our evaluations of the received applications, candidates who are deemed to be fit for the position applied for will be inivted for an interview.

After the interview, candidates who believe to be right for the job will be offeres a poisition to work with us. All applicant will be informed of the end result of our evaluations weather it is positive or negative. The applicants who are not offered a position immediately may too be contacted in the future if there should be a job opening.

Performance Management

The essential principals of our performance management system are to strengthen the performance-focused work approach by creating aims in line with the company mission and vision, to improve the employees’ development, to establish good communication between the managers and the employees, and to bring them together with common targets, and to evaluate the employees correctly.

According to this, meetings between managers and employees are held, monthly and annually evaluations are made and development and training programs are determined depending on the needs.

Career Management

We support the training and development of our staff in various ways and their ability to bring out the best in them by providing proper guidance with promotion and change of duty opportunities.


An orientation training is provided to new-comers for establishing our obejctives and further information of their duties.

Technical trainings are provided about our products and services.

Out of company trainings are provided as well as inter-company training programs in terms of boosting the individuals set of skills and motivation.

Necessary trainings are provided of our quality and safety measures.

Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities in the summer period (between June and September) are provided to the undergraduate students studying in the Department of Forestry and Forestry Industrial Engineering with the mandatory internships in our factory.

Internal Communication

In order to strengthen the motivation of our employees and communication between them, in our company:

  • Social and cultural events, activities organized in areas such as sports, arts
  • Technical field trips: Trips organized to our company in certain periods
  • Launch Meetings: New trends, new surfaces, and investments presentations are held.

Vacant Positions