ASD Laminate products for the new Istanbul Airport

ASD Laminate products for the new Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport, a candidate to be the owner of the “biggest airport of the region” title, started service to worldwide passengers as a proud project of Turkey.

Istanbul Airport well overrides its competitors with its size. Istanbul Airport, 3.5 times as big as Pekin Airport made up of 23 million square meters, will have the capacity to serve 90 million people by October 29 and 200 million passengers by the year-end once all the phases are completed. Currently Atlanta Airport is the busiest airport serving the highest number of passengers with 104 million passengers per year.

The architects and designers of this monumental project which will be one of the most preferred destination a hub for international flight transportation, preferred ASD Laminat products for the interiors.

The Istanbul Airport, boasting a futuristic yet functional structure, will also have unique characteristics. Its architecture will reflect the already rich social and cultural heritage of the global city of Istanbul. Boasting a unique architectural design that combines forward-looking and functional elements, the Istanbul Airport’s terminal is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Istanbul.

The architectural style of Istanbul Airport’s terminals will reflect the artistic richness of Istanbul’s mosques, baths, domes and many other historic structures. The motives used in Turkish – Islamic art and architecture will add grandeur, texture and depth to the facility’s overall design program.

As ASD Laminat, we are proud to be a part of this gigantic and marvelous project .